Monday, 19 November 2012

What a hoot

Owls owls owls. These wise animals (maybe the only bird that doesn't scare me) have been scattering the fashion pages this year, featuring in our jewellery, clothing and most importantly, our crafts. These lovely creatures take many shapes and forms, colours can be so wacky and varied that the combinations are endless, creating a gateway to creativity. Not only am I one to embrace this quirky trend but so is my mother, who has started to create stunning felt owls, with tiny, intricate detailing that has taken her hours (more than expected) to make. Myself, I of course went for a crocheted owl, not just any owl, but one that keeps me warm. Thanks to the amazing Pinterest, I found a pattern for reusable owl hand warmers, not just cute but stops you from getting chilly on those lovely winter walks. I simply love this pattern, it leaves so much room for colour combinations and your own imagination. I kept my first one simple and fat, but I'm sure the next will be a bit more quirky!

Crochet owl pattern thanks to 

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