Thursday, 28 March 2013

Grannies Galore

Hi all, sorry I've been rather quiet lately, life seems to be passing quickly with my impending move and the huge amount of crocheting I've been doing lately!

First off, I'd like to share my latest amigurumi creations; often I find people suggesting animals or even requesting them to purchase! (If you have a request please let me know and I can offer a quote.) I really feel like I have expanded my collection and improve with each pattern, not to mention the fact that I love scouring the Internet and shops for the perfect colour.


My new creations, loving my penguin the most!

A popular crochet item is the Granny Square.. These creative little shapes hit Europe and the USA in a big way in the 60s-70s and have been treasured since; although they have been adapted in many ways since, the basics still remain the same.
Varying takes on the Granny Square.

Vintage patterns and even Sir Paul Mccartney in a Granny Square vest!

Since they vary in size, colour, pattern, material etc, they are extremely versatile and look great when created in the right way. 

It's recommended to start with a basic square and advance to more difficult patterns as your technique progresses; in fact my first ever completed crocheted item was a Granny Square snood! After this initial project, I didn't really touch upon the idea of Granny Squares again; that is, until I found this beautiful pattern when browsing Pinterest.

Pattern by Julie Yeager

Each stitch looks like a petal, creating a flowerbed effect; and let's face it, what girl doesn't dream of being surrounded by flowers at some point?
Each 'petal' is created using a cluster stitch, and once you get in to it, extremely easy to do, and adapt for smaller squares. I decided to use this gorgeous pattern to create my first crocheted blanket (que squeal). For this blanket I have stuck to basic pastel colours that will look timeless, and hopefully last the ages.