Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Get glam and glitter up

Due to the fact that I'm currently working on top secret items, I thought I would share another love of mine, nails. I have always been a fan of keeping my nails in tip top shape, never biting them or even chopping them with clippers, all in all they're generally healthy (not to mention greatly envied by my mother). Now, the great thing about having nails, is that they are a blank teeny tiny canvas that you can decorate in whatever style to suit your outfit, mood, or thanks to one trend, your underwear!
Since the festive season is starting and Christmas parties and meals are due to start I thought I would give a few nail art ideas, the type that are easy to do at home with the supplies you most likely have in your cupboard. Over the summer I came across watermarbling, a great technique to get interesting, varied and beautiful nails; although tricky to do at first it's subtle and a fantastic way to compliment any outfit.

Check out YouTube to find a tutorial that you like!

However, if I was you I would opt for bold! Glitter is the way forward, I am officilly glitter obsessed, like a magpie I'm attracted to anything shiny and I love having my nails sparkled up! Any excuse to look pretty really ;) And thankfully this year the amount of glitter products have greatly expanded, no longer must you be 5 years old to wear sparkly nail polish, but thanks to the catwalk and vogue pages, glitter nail polish has become chic and sophisticated. My favourite way of wearing it is to layer over colour, having a good base colour with the glitter on top causes a pop, and safe to say it draws the eye. All in all, the perfect way to add something bold to a simple outfit.