Sunday, 7 April 2013


As many of you know, I like to experiment with stitches and learn as many new ones as possible. This week, I decided to give a new stitch a try; basketweave and herringbone. 

Basketweave to left, herringbone to right.

Both, came out gorgeous in my opinion, and the basket weave is the perfect stitch for winter blankets and dish cloths. However, I decided to concentrate on the herringbone stitch; something I only thought possible for knitters. Although it doesn't quite create the traditional pattern that you see in knits and tweed, it does create a rather interesting stitch, and is a good take on the half treble. 

Herringbone tweed to left, herringbone knit to right.

As I was in need of a hook case, to store my colourful metal hooks in, I decided this would be the stitch to use. Different from any I've seen in books or magazines, I knew this was the stitch for me. Wanting a bright and moderately thick yarn, I chose Sirdar Supersoft Aran in a turquoise/sea green colour and chose a gorgeous denim blue colour for the inside. 
Initially I was going to give the outer edge a puff stitch in the denim blue, however after adding the lace bows, I decided that simplicity is much better.

Finally a hook case!

Also, out of this stitch I fashioned myself a little wrap around bracelet, which colour was inspired by an 80s jumper of my grandfather's, giving a little modern edge to a vintage look. 

My bracelet, with a great spare leather button from, wait for it, my tweed herringbone jacket!