Monday, 12 November 2012

The first of (hopefully) many...

True to myself I am, yet again, injured. Of course this injury has been dragging on for over 9 months, rendering me bed ridden for quite some time and leading up to a small but no less painful operation and tadahhhh * jazz hand* I'm slung up waiting for my shoulder to heal. 

So, as I sit here with one arm, I say to you, what is a girl to do with all this free time? Well apart from watch tv, eat copious amounts of chocolate and have the occasional cheeky glass of wine; I've been teaching myself to crochet. I have vague memories as a child of helping my mother try to crochet 'my' Victorian school project, and after failing to teach myself knitting around the age of 13, I thought I would never bother to try anything with wool again; but to my surprise here I am loving these beautiful creations that come from my own hands. Who thought, that a girl with almost zero hand eye co-ordination could actually crochet a whole Afghan snood! Hell, I've even mastered a form of crochet-knitting (more on that at a later date), it is more than safe to say that this time has shown me that when one sets their mind to accomplishing a project and mastering a new skill, it can be done. 


  1. hey Tinks, well done on the crocheting..not so much on the one armedness lol get well soonly x

  2. Hi Tinks

    Great blog, looking forward to seeing some of your "one handed" creations

    CLare xx