Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas Crafts

Over the past couple weeks I have been busy and a half getting presents ready for Christmas, as I have previously mentioned I'm taking on the task of making most of my gifts; this is proving to be no easy feat. Now, I would post pictures of these creations, but frankly they're not all completed and it would completely spoil the surprise for the people receiving the gifts. However, what I can say is that I'm rather proud of the patterns I have created and I'm hoping they're loved by the people I give them to!

Since seeing my varying items and hands at work, one or two people have said I should teach them how to crochet, this would probably never happen, but it did get me thinking to how I'd love to teach a class or two in the future, crochet and cocktail night sounds good to me ;) But the thought of teaching and learning to crochet did make me think about the amazing CK, the majority of crafters love CK, the beautiful fabrics, unique designs and the often the finishing touch to any outfit. And no, I don't mean Calvin Klein, though his cheeky designs do complete any outfit ;) - I'm talking about Cath Kidston. Her gorgeous patterns do offer that extra something to anyone's home or wardrobe, her stores often offer the occasional class to the public; however for the past year or so they were offering a 'how to crochet tin'. Unfortunately they no longer stock this in store, but you can still find this pretty little tin on Amazon.

This idea of teaching yourself to crochet with a kit is a great idea in my opinion! Instructions, a hook and wool in a tin. Instead of buying someone a scarf, or a cushion or a teddy, give them a new hobby!  So, get yourself down to John Lewis, C&H Fabrics or support your local wool store and buy your loved one something different this Christmas!

Kits available at John Lewis

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