Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Practice practice practice

Over the past few weeks, between making gifts, I have been mastering the art of crochet knitting. Sounds odd I know, but there are many ways to make a stitch, look like a knit; although it looks tricky at first, it's more than easy enough to master. Of course, I had no idea that this could be done until, BIG SHOCK, I found the stitch tutorial on Pinterest; I started off with a simple Tunisian stitch and have progressed to a Tunisian knit stitch (ever so slightly different but with big results) and have mastered a cable knit stitch! Now cable knit stitches are rather tricky but, well practice makes perfect, and I'm off and away, experimenting with the stitch itself to block the cables, continue the cables and elongate the cables.
As you can see from my pictures below, each stitch has a knit look about it and can be manipulated in ways to achieve the desired pattern or result, and like any pattern can be transferred through different thicknesses and materials to create beautiful textures. So, my next challenge, find more stitches and master them to create a world of crochet knit.

Left: cable knit. Top right: Tunisian knit stitch. Bottom left: Tunisian  simple stitch

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