Friday, 15 February 2013

Cute Cuter Cutest

Is there anything cuter than a small stuffed crocheted animal? Of course there isn't! Especially when they have bows, hats, rosettes and felt patches. Amigurumi is one good way to go about creating this cuteness, a Japanese craft that works in rounds with increases and decreases, enables you to form unproportioned, extra adorable items; animals, dolls, you name it, you can create it.

I came across my first amigurumi pattern in a Simply Crochet magazine, and not having delt with circular patterns before, I ignored it (but still admired the the pretty pictures), however after a few looks at the pattern I thought this cant be as hard as it looks can it? So off I went to Pinterest to find tutorials and other patterns, and boy was I inundated with patterns!
After a sift through I found this great little bunny on All About Ami and adjusted the pattern slightly to give the bunny a smaller head making it all the more gorgeous.
After mastering this pattern I started looking at others, but decided to design my own! And voila I 
have already created pigs, elephants, chicks and octopuses! Truth be told, they are even easier 
than they seem!
I highly recommend you find and try an amigurumi pattern as soon as possible! Or find one on my Etsy shop TheHookHut (up and running in a few days) 

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