Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ahoy There!

Hello all, firstly I would like to apologise for such a long leave of absence, however I have been creating a huge amount of cuteness, softness and general yumminess. Over the next few weeks I'll be showing you the range of scarves, snoods, garlands etc that I've been constructing since Christmas.

As some of you may know I've been big on reading since a very young age and can be known to not surface for hours when I have a great book in hand, however, apart from the occasional Vogue, I do not enjoy my magazines in the slightest. But as chance had it, as I was walking past the magazine rack a cover caught my eye, after a quick flick through I knew this was a magazine for me.
Simply Crochet, from the creators of Mollie Makes, is a sophisticated, modern and jam packed magazine; better and more varied than most books, and frankly a whole lot cheaper. With ideas for quick projects for beginners or longer, more intricate patterns for advanced crocheters; it is the perfect magazine for all. Safe to say I have made a few small items from the magazine, created a variety on a beautiful snood and been inspired to make amigurumi animals! This is one magazine I WOULD recommend to anyone with an interest in crochet.

Love heart brooch from issue 1

A piece from this issue that really caught my eye was the chunky cowl, created in a chunky wool with a mock cable knit it is intriguing to look at and works up beautifully. Now I have chosen to do this cowl in a slightly smaller wool with a 9mm hook instead of a 12mm; partially due to impatience at waiting for my new hook to arrive and partially due to the love I felt when I found Sidar Denim Ultra wool. Having made one for myself and one for a family friend, it is easy to say these will be loved by all, and are frankly, very cosy!

Me wearing the cowl

Next time: Amigurumi, easier than it looks and just as cute.

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